The Early Years
Craig Devin is a Los Angeles native. Born February 14, 1956, he was raised both in Los Angeles and abroad. His family traveled Europe, the South Pacific and Asia between 1958 and 1962. He attended schools in Los Angeles, followed by high school at the Institut Montana in Zug, Switzerland. Craig then attended the University of Southern California from 1973 to 1977. During college, Devin worked part time in the retail Hi-Fi market. In 1977 he began working full time, managing Stereo Plus in West Los Angeles and opening its sister store in Anaheim.
In 1978, Devin went to work for the family enterprise, designing high end laquer furniture. (see gallery)

The Middle Years
In 1981, Craig joined the United States Air Force to pursue a passion for electronics and military technology. He achieved the rank of E-5 or Staff Sergeant in only three years. He was stationed at Lowry Air Force base in Denver, Colorado from 1981-1983. Craig then took an overseas assignment at RAF Lakenheath from 1983-1985 where he was awarded the Air Force Achievement Medal.
Upon returning to civilian life in 1985, Craig came back to Los Angeles to take advantage of the aerospace opportunities in Southern California. He worked for a variety of manufacturers in an engineering capacity until 1988.

Recent History
In 1988, Craig joined Alesis Studio Electronics a fledgling, but very successful music electronics manufacturer. He formed a close relationship with the founder, Keith Barr, who became his mentor through the ensuing years.
During his 12 year career at Alesis, Craig rose from engineering into management, culminating in becoming President in 1999.
In 2000, Craig was recruited by Gibson Guitar to establish a high technology division, Gibson Labs. This team developed a remarkable set of products and technology, viewable at

In 2002, Craig has successfully established a consulting practice specializing in product development, business development and strategic sourcing. Please click on Devin Design & Development in the bottom right corner for more information.

In 2005, Craig was recruited to Behringer, and his family moved to Singapore. This allowed him to grow closer to the Asia market, establish deeper ties to Singapore and China, and participate in regional travel.

Personal Interests
Craig married Lillian in 1995, and their daughter Lily was born in 1999. They currently reside in Redondo Beach, CA.

Craig is a passionate skier, scuba diver and mountaineer.

He speaks fluent German and a smattering of Dutch, Italian and Mandarin chinese.